Biopocket Sleep 20 ml
Biopocket Sleep 20 ml
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Biopocket Sleep 20 ml

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Sleep helps your brain function properly. Not getting enough sleep or poor quality sleep has many potential consequences. The most obvious concerns are fatigue and decreased energy, irritability and problems focusing. The ability to make decisions and mood can also be affected. Sleep problems often coexist with symptoms of depression or anxiety. Sleep problems can exacerbate depression or anxiety, and depression or anxiety can lead to sleep problems.

To help you sleep, we have developed a product to get to sleep faster and get a better quality of sleep using natural ingredients like melatonin, valerian root extract and passionflower extract.

  • Plant based
  • Tripple system with Melatonin, Passion Flower and Valeriana
  • Oral absorbtion
  • Custom dosage (3-5 sprays)
  • Vitamin B2 for better sleep longterm
  • 225 sprays

biopocket sleep ingredients

Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland. That’s a pea-sized gland found just above the middle of your brain. It helps your body know when it’s time to sleep and wake up.

Normally, your body makes more melatonin at night. Levels usually start to go up in the evening once the sun sets. They drop in the morning when the sun goes up. The amount of light you get each day — plus your own body clock — set how much your body makes.


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