General information about our affiliate program

We offer anyone to register in our affiliate program and take part in recommending our antibacterial formula and other product to customers and earn commission upon completed sales.

After registreration you will be supplied with your unique referral link which is tracked for a period of 30 days. Any completed sales from your referral will result in a commission payout.

We have a 2-tier affiliate program where you can earn commissions on personal sales and also an override from those who you introduce to our affiliate program. 

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Commission rates
1st level: 10% of total amount on every sale (excluding shipping) 
2nd Level: 5% of total amount on every sale (excluding shipping) 

Your referral is permanently locked to your affiliate account and you will receive commissions on every future purchacse as long as you remain compliant and in good standing with the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.

You will need an Paypal account to receive commission payments. 

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Tracking software

We use App to track all sales. It supports tracking in various way, statistics, has easy interface and offers fraud protection features. 

Join our affiliate program and earn commission on any completed sale. 

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